Nurturing Relationships

In my opinion, the most complicated thing to comprehend is human relationships. And it is rightfully so, for relationship is an amalgamation of diverse attributes like emotions, resilience, aspiration, freedom, and security. The human mind is a rational grouse, worse, it never forgets and files memories, both good and bad, with equal fervor.

The bonding in a relationship never happens in a trice nor does the bitterness erupts with a sudden burst.  It dwells within us over time. So, when a bond between two human beings deteriorates it is never a sudden expression, but a synthesis of overlooked emotions stashed over a period of time. The same is true when individuals’ bonds for a lifetime, for in such cases there exists empathy, respect, and enough space for each person to grow and flourish.

So, I tell you this, if you truly want to nurture a relationship, never ignore the subtle hints thrown at you from time to time. See if you can pick the signal from the noise. If you think you are treated unfairly, speak your mind, express your thoughts, be compassionate, and at times learn to forgive.

Remember, in a relationship the biggest deterrent is silence. And despite the efforts, if things aren’t working seek help. Often seen as a taboo but consulting a professional often does wonder.

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29 thoughts on “Nurturing Relationships”

  1. There is not much you can do then to convince. Use help of friends and families. Or coaxing or rationalizing. If that also not working, I guess that is the end of a relationship anyways

  2. It’s really difficult to persuade such a person if they are stubborn and rigid with their belief system, no one can help them out.
    Supposedly that should be the end, but one of them keeps trying to drag it on in a hope that one day everything will be alright.
    Anyways, you can certainly guide me in the near future I’m sure I can get good counselling from you if required at any point of my life.😊🙏

  3. Hahaaha! Thank you so much for such a lovely compliment and having the confidence in my approach. But you know, life is very uncertain you never know the person having a pragmatic approach may get influenced by the extraneous variables.

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