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Advice to my 13-year-old son – Post on Medium

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Advice to my 13 year old son

22 thoughts on “Advice to my 13-year-old son – Post on Medium”

      1. Hi, yeah it’s actually between my son and me. But here is a sample of advice that I want him to consider…
        And the last thing or rather the first and most important is …LIVE! Without fear, without approvals, without validations and without expectations from others. This the most courageous thing to do is to LIVE as you want.

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  1. Courageous
    Listen to your heart
    Upholding dharma
    Best among the rest
    Believe in your beliefs
    Under line the lesson learnt
    Avoid procrastination
    Hardship is the key
    Love your soil

    What an amazing Dad you are 😍 Happy Birthday to your son. (Belated, yet wishes can never be late if they are genuine) God bless him. He will grow up as a very noble person just like you. Lots of love and blessings to your son πŸ’žπŸ™

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      1. You are growing him up with “good sanskara” your message to him is something that everyone should follow in his/her life. These are the basic ethics and principles for leading a meaningful life. I too believe in the same.

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