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When the other person doesn’t reciprocate

Sometimes in life, we find someone with whom we feel deeply connected. And when over time such fervor doesn’t fade, we conclude to have found our old soul. The world appears beautiful when there is a reciprocation to such ardor. But life doesn’t always turn out to be the way we desire it to be. And often when we don’t get similar enthusiasm, we feel betrayed. Some take it to their heart disposing of happiness, a few assume quietude spending time in melancholy, wasting life on things that they don’t have control over, and only a handful have the courage to move on.

So, I tell you this, don’t assume things.  Maybe the other person is busy picking scattered threads of their life, maybe he/she is going through an emotional turmoil, maybe they are not feeling well, maybe they are having a bad day at work, maybe they want to respond but are constrained to say what they desire.

Give space, give time. Who knows maybe time will work in your favor? If not, then don’t waste time grieving. If your love is divine, why bother worrying about reciprocation rather channelize your energy in doing things that will please your heart. If you still can’t handle it probably it was not meant to be yours, move on with life. If the forbearance is difficult to handle, ask for help. Talking to a professional can help you find the right way.

We need to create a pathway towards gaining mental peace from such difficult hardships. It is never easy to forget, and even worse forgive.  We should focus on nurturing self-belief, enthuse empathy, and put life in a righteous path for soul recovery from such mishaps.

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