Why Bother Travel?

I have traveled to eighteen countries across four continents. I also have the great fortune to live in three countries. I kindle a strong desire in my heart to explore the world, travel to faraway places, touch the warmth of hinterland authenticity, dwell into the myriad cultural offerings, and enjoy the richness of diversities and ethnicities. 

Often, I am asked, nature’s offerings have so many commonalities, why bother traveling to see the same sight in a different setup. 

While it is true, for instance, the Hawaii lava fields I explored have so much similarity to the Icelandic volcanic rocks. So are the meadows of Switzerland to India’s Kashmir landscape. 

Yet there is a strong inkling, and a bustling urge in me to see the same setup in a slightly altered light.  The reason is quite simple, it is not always the place, but the culture, and the people who embrace the region that makes a country unique. And I do hope I will continue traversing the world and keep treasuring memories. 

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6 thoughts on “Why Bother Travel?”

  1. Woww😍

    I’m so impressed and inspired by your enthusiasm to perceive similar geographies in different ways.

    18 is such a great number. Keep us posted.

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