Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

It was the last Sunday of my stay in Chennai. I was supposed to meet someone over lunch but the plans changed at the 11th hour. So. I made an impromptu plan to visit Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary. The place is the oldest bird sanctuary known in India with over 40,000 birds visiting every year from all over the world. The best season to visit was winter and November was the best time to do bird watching as the avian build their nest and prepare for their breeding season.

It was a couple of hours of drive from the Chennai city. The place was located in the quietude of the Kanchipuram district in Tamilnadu. Spread over 74 acres with lakes and trees. The entry fees were about 60 Rupees (less than a US dollar), including 50 Rupees for the mobile camera.

The place was an oval-shaped pathway opening to a series of lakes and shrubs with thousands of birds dwelling. It was a breathtaking sight and the fact that birds flew from all over Asia and Europe to nest, breed, and mate was fascinating to learn.

I saw species of pintail, sandpiper, wagtail, and teal to name a few. Here are some pictures for your eyes only

Date of Visit: 24-Nov-19

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  1. I also Love birds. I have gone to Kanchipuram very long time ago in early 70’s as a young girl on a pilgrimage before marriage with some others. Kanchipuram was to buy sarees. And to Rameshwaram Shivam Kovil where I bathed in the 14 wells before pooja. And to Meenachchi Amma Kovil and closed my eyes and said, “May the best thing happen to me” as I didn’t know with whom I was going to be with! Somehow I got a strange feeling I had been there before and even bought Bangles as that time it was full of them. Now see after years I have come across this post and whom I have become πŸ™‚

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