Travel – Doyang Dam

Travel to India is always special. Besides having the pleasure to meet friends and families, the familiar territory, the food and the sudden accost of myriad cultures never cease to touch a few chords from the yore.

Middle of November I went to Chennai on an official trip and took a day to visit my mom in Assam. Instead of lazying around in the house, we decided to visit our family in a nearby borough, about 30 KMs north of my home. The neighboring state Nagaland was about another 10 KM to the east and one of my cousins enticed me enough to visit the Doyang Hydro Electric Dam.

India has over 5000 Dam and Doyang is the only fully operational Dam in Nagaland. The dam is built on the Doyang river, which is a tributary of the mighty river Brahmaputra. Interestingly the dam serves all the seven northeastern states, serving as both water reservoirs and providing electricity.

I was told the drive was going to be an hour. In reality, it took over three hours. We drove on a mountainous terrain climbing over 10,000 feet in the Wokha city of Nagaland. The drive was rough as it was mostly a dirt road with uneven paths. I always have this fetish of driving on Indian road and though a tad risky I didn’t shy away from driving on the mountains. Here are some pictures for your eyes only

Date of visit: 22-Nov-19

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46 thoughts on “Travel – Doyang Dam”

  1. Shantanu – Your trip to the dam looked amazing. I have driven some roads in rural areas of Montana that should be called trails. I loved the photo of the bridge. Although all of the photos were good. -Jill

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