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The Old Building and the Girl

Hey, Friends, I recorded a flash fiction. You can listen to it by clicking the below link.

The old building and the girl

The old building has a charm of its own. Standing tall for eons, surviving the testing times. Layers of dust have wrapped it over time inch by inch, draping the structure in many shades of grayness. The walls exhibited resilience as it quietly observed the junction, crowded with people from all walks.  Maybe the only reason why it stood there defiantly all these years with an uncalled eagerness, for there isn’t any dull moment to accost. As the day advances, so is the chaos. The moving traffic, cars honking, and a cacophony of voices escalate with every passing moment. 

Amongst all such oddity there exist this girl on the top floor of the edifice, whose charm brings an unseen calmness to the otherwise tumultuous walks. She possesses the flair of a gorgeous dream, the hope of a beautiful tomorrow, and the charm of an enticing past. Often she walks the serpentine corridors with hair flowing carefree, wearing an ingenuous smile, bringing meaning to an otherwise anarchic surround. Maybe the only reason why the dilapidated building, the bustling street and the sea of people come every day, maybe to experience peace in the shade of her serene presence.