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I never knew I could ever collaborate with a fellow writer, for I am eccentric and aberrant when it comes to writing. I am my own critic, so I was not sure if collaboration was a good idea.

All my apprehensions washed away instantly when I saw the first piece of work by Jaya Singh. If you haven’t checked her blog, please do so. She is a master storyteller and has a unique enticing way to captivate her audience.

So, here goes our collaboration

Jaya Singh

am sleeping for years,
No morning light here falls.
It is always dark and dim
No one answers my faint calls.
I don’t know this place
Or how I reached here.
Maybe I would find an exit,
But it will lead me where?
I fear to explore,
My eyes have befriended this zilch.
I have been here for years,
For ages, I will be like this.

Shantanu Baruah

A cleft on the wall,
A crevice on the rim,
A ray of hope
Finding its way from the seams.
Nurture the inquisitiveness,
Follow your mind,
Look through the crack
Leave your perturbations behind.
And when you will muster 
Some courage to peep through that rampart’s rift.
You will find me there with a stretched hand,
Taking you to some faraway land.

Jaya Singh

There was a crack once,
Glittering rays did come in
And a voice was heard,
So soothing and serene.
It said it was hope,
Stretching out one hand to me,
The hand I was to hold.
So, I looked out through the hole,
The light was new to me.
My darkness addicted soul
Struggled to walk free.
And when I reached his feet,
Was just to get his hold,
He knocked me off here,
You have found me where.
In a place darker, that the one I was before,
Do you think, I will allow me this fall, once more?

Shantanu Baruah

You think you will again fall,
Entangled in your past horror,
You are raged and appalled.
You smell betrayal and you name it as deceiving.
You are caught in a mud puddle,
And you refuse to believe.
Trust the words this time and hold these hands.
Detest the fear,
Breakaway the ostensible stand.
After the darkest of night, comes the brightest of day.
Follow my lead, don’t you sway.
The new you is beaconing your name.
The universe is waiting for you,
Ignite the dormant flame.

Jaya Singh

Your promise sounds so true,
Unlike the hollow words, I heard long before.
I believe in you,
The words you say,
In each form and every way.
So here I come, out of the dark.
I leave the cage to become a morning lark
And then we will fly to a place so high.
I will hold your hand to feel the spur,
And to some faraway land, we will go forever.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah and Jaya Singh

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