Never let Goodness In you Die

Sometimes broken people’s love is a mirage. They remain in your life, for you give them hope to fight their inner demons, encourage them to attain the unattainable, and give them interminable love. But the moment they find their grip, or are entrusted with a new zeal, or a new milieu beckons, they leave you in a trice. As if you never existed. Then you will be changed, a scar will remain like a goblin’s curse within you, and your love will never be the same. Yet be proud, for it is your love that has resurrected a tormented soul, and it is because of your unwavering faith you could assuage their fear and be with them when they needed someone. Be proud that you have the power to lift broken souls, and given another occasion, never relent to shower your kindness to another wretched soul again.

By, Shantanu Baruah

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