This Time Around

This time I will refrain the words of comfort I used to abundantly display, 

impede my feelings that often used to surge in copious amounts,

efface all questions that my curiosity
used to possess

tarnish every thought that demanded you
to do things in certain way

This time around I will exhibit patience,
accept you without any preconceived riders,
be there whenever you need someone to talk,
never disappear, even when silence is all you have to offer

This time I’ll let my heart know,
that forbearance will one day open doors,
and maybe one day you will tiptoe back into my life
when we’ll find our abode
which once we dreamed of together
in the fold of each other’s warmth

By, Shantanu Baruah

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8 thoughts on “This Time Around”

  1. This piece makes me recall the initial loves, the heartbreak of parting, and the promises I made for future relationships hoping I could make them markedly better. Well-written using the word prompts, Shantanu!

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