Why Should We?

Why should we be trapped in societal norms? 
subscribing to terms
that the milieu believe is right

Why should we kill our desires?
surrender to the fate
accept the rules set by this pretentious life

Our attraction is not a decree,
nor an agreement to swear by,
and to make it a fiat till the end of time

Rather, our love is a beautiful feeling,
that will help each other grow,
you are finding your anchor
and together we are reaching our shore

The world we will create will have access to only us,
where trust prevails and we remain free like some sparkling lark

Where happiness is engrained in our soul,
where every deed we do sparkle with our smile

where we find pleasure in life’s littlest thing
and find peace in each other’s arms

I dream of that world with open eyes
raring to plunge into such a paradise

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