Is Detachment Possible?

The wise always say the roots of every pain can be traced to one reason - attachment. The seers from anarchic times have declared attachment to be the sole reason behind all sufferings. But despite being aware of its repercussions we invariably get entrapped in its pretentious claws. 

So, the question remains, knowing all the miseries bonding may cause should we practice detachment? 

I am no sage to preach, but in my opinion, the answer is not a simple yes or a no. Unless you have decided to leave worldly pleasures, ready to live the rest of your life on a distant mountain, no matter how much you desire, detachment is unattainable. Sadly, if we chose to live in this world and force ourselves to detachment it does more harm than good. It is as if we want to reach our destination riding on two boats.  

Is there a middle path? Absolutely. I have learned the hard way that when we love someone love not because we expect love in return but because we genuinely are in love. Give yourself the freedom from expectations. Liberate your soul from the burden of comparison. Love after all is not a thing to weigh on a scale, neither love is a thought to be caged. Rather love is an emotion that makes you feel emancipated even when confined by the attachments of love. 

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