An honest hope

She earnestly desired for love, 
raring to find that connect that defines her existence.
She longed for it,
craved to taste it
and her hollow eyes seldom defied her resurgent search.

And then one day he sauntered into her life carelessly,
nonchalantly and unannounced,
he loved her more than she desired,
held her in his thoughts from dawn until dusk,
cajoled her,
reverend her,
committed his life toward the happiness for her

But now that she had what she desired
she wasn’t sure now,
the love that bestowed more than her expectations had ruffled all her hidden fears
she inched a step forward and took many steps back,
she became reclusive, convincing this love is nothing but an illusion, a transient state

He wrote love ballads,
put his words in a poetic baritone tone, he showed his intention through action and held her thoughts in his naked soul

Yet she didn’t commit to the love visible stark and clear
and evaded every question he imposed with a callous silence laced with meaningless fear

While he can wait for a lifetime,
he needs some hope to cling to,
sure she may label it as assurance but what is the harm in reciprocating feelings
at-least to say it will be rough but hold on to me
it might take time but I will try with everything in my might to make it work
my love may take time, but when the right time comes I will love you more

For such indifference from her might drift him away,
a love which is so beautiful may reel him into a dismal state,
there is a limit one can put the hope to test
for after repeated dejection he may permanently fade away

And then when he will be gone
I am sure you will feel the vacuum again,
the pretentious shroud you wear thinking I don’t bore expectations,
will shower on you like some uncalled rain,
at that moment he won’t come back again,
for by then you would have uprooted his hope,
his belief,
he will then become like you,
not trusting anyone
and love, though burning inside him, will always keep him blue

So think about what I said,
hold him tight before it is too late

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