Found my Home

Wandering along the frills 
of the horizon
exploring the world
captured in some faraway hinterland,
away from the bustle
and inconspicuous minds,
I travel like a peripatetic
and now shrouded in such nature’s caper
the only voices I reckon is
crackling of crickets,
whirring of rivulets
and chirping of birds
and in the cacophony of such melodies
the thoughts finds new meaning
and I smile
in the chaos of tranquility
for the heart has found home

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16 thoughts on “Found my Home”

  1. Lovely piece, I esp enjoyed the figurative language and imagery, also the dominant theme of finding home or rather coming home. There is an element of ease and comfort inherent! Wonderful!

  2. Hi Shantanu, how are you? Thanks for your kind words as always. Yes I am back for good, arrived couple of weeks ago. Lovely piece you’ve posted, use of descriptive words is what caught me, it allows us readers
    to mentally concoct a picture which I feel is intrinsic of any good poem.

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