If I would have?

If I would have known 
it was now or never
when that summer evening
when your tresses were brushing
against my visage
and the fragrance of your smile
was soothing my being

If I would have known
those moments would defy me
time when I was adrift
floating in the skies
you caressing every thought
in that trice that
I ever envisaged

If I would have known
this would never stay forever
the moments when
the sun
the moon
the stars
the novas
how they were in tandem
just because you carried
that desirous smile

I would have held you a tighter,
kept you with me forever
or maybe coerce the nature
to froze the time

for now you are not around
yet all those moments
they come visit me
and I see them every moment
with open eyes
making me delirious
and I hopelessly hope
that you will show up
someday with your rosy pixie smile

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