Freedom at midnight episode 6

This is the last video from the series “Freedom at Midnight”. This video provides details on how Mahatma Gandhi helped to abate the riots in Calcutta and subsequently stalled the brewing tensions in Delhi.

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11 thoughts on “Freedom at midnight episode 6”

  1. You sure made one very good video about India’s Mahatma Ghandi. He achieved more through no violence than anyone suing wars to help people be safe and do no harm. He is one of my heroes’s ever since I heard about him back home. Thank you, Shantanu.

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  2. Gandhi’s greatest weapon to convince the rulers was, “fast-unto-death” it actually avoided many violent scenarios to come into action.
    You very rightly said, Gandhi, is Mahatma! Since my childhood whenever I used to read or hear the term “non-violence” I always related it with him. It’s still there in my subconscious mind.

    The series of videos was really informative for me. Learned a lot. Thank you😊🙏

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