Anger Management

Life in the 21st century is chaotic, to say the least.  Earning a decent living needs hard work and often leads to a stressful life. Running errands, dealing with work pressure, children’s education, emotional turmoil, life has become a rollercoaster. And to add to the misery, we have externalities to deal with, which we don’t have any control on, such as traffic, general unrest, political opinions, societal obligation are to name a few.

Dealing with such a fast pace life one thing we subconsciously acquire is anger. We are generally angry about everything. Angry because we didn’t get a promotion, angry because kids don’t listen to us, angry because there is too much to do, angry because we are stuck in a traffic jam, angry because the government is not doing things as we desire. And that anger we, unfortunately, show it to our loved ones more, for ironically, they are the ones we can vent without thinking about any reprimand.

Sit down for a few minutes, ponder, and reflect on such incidences. Your child wants to play with you, you are too tired and when your child insists you shout. Your wife asked you to accompany her to a neighbor’s house over the weekend, and you screamed for her to be insensitive that you only get the weekend to rest.  You shout you scream, and you grumble all for nothing.

So, I tell you this. If you are a victim of someone else’s anger, remember agitation often happens when people are helpless. Try to reason with them, calm the other person down instead of retaliating with equal vigor. And if you are the one who is always angry, remember no battle was ever thwarted, no hearts were ever won, no success had ever thrived when anger was around. The first step of anger management is acknowledgment. Once you achieve that, the rest is to create a path towards calming your senses. Spend time alone, when anger comes, take a deep breath, divert your attention, engage in a hobby outside of your regular life, and despite the efforts, if you are still unable to take control of your life see a life therapist for help.

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35 thoughts on “Anger Management”

  1. Anger is our enemy, shouting, screaming always result in staining of our relationships, anger destroys not just our peace but it also takes away the cool and belief of our loved ones. Anger is really toxic and we must try to avoid it. I know at times it overpowers us and takes the control over our mind. It’s inevitable yet can be conquered. I think meditation helps to some extent as I have tried it. The worst part of anger is that we speak the most toxic and negative words which create more friction in our relationships 

    You have written down the reality of today’s world, the story of every family. …..very nice Shantanu, hope you play with your son whenever he insists you.😅

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                  1. I’m 26😅 not married yet. Neither want to get married as well 😅 I want to spend my life serving people. Total vairaagi kinda 😅 and I loved the unique names of your kids Shaurya 🌺 pride ..Nitara 💕

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                    1. I and my friend are worried that we are approaching 30😅 the word young is really motivating to hear from someone😅 and yes you are absolutely right regarding marriage, As of now I have not thought much about it. This issue is being taken care of by my parents. And later on if required, I will seek to your advice as well 😅🌺

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  2. I read this in wise and prudent thoughts about anger management.
    I have been teaching my son and myself too these days that it’s ok to be angry about certain things but you don’t have to act in it every single time.
    I’m talking about trivial things in life which trigger anger and frustrations these days

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