I am a fighter

There are moments
when I believe
I will battle the storm
and put a defiant face
to defeat all the miscreant thoughts

and I fight with valiance
keeping the guard rails on
protecting the vulnerable heart
but then there is that one moment of weakness
that dissolve all the pretentious walls and I am left naked and exposed

And though battered and marred
I don’t give up
and I rise again to nurture my beliefs
and rekindle my trust,
for I am a fighter

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18 thoughts on “I am a fighter”

  1. That’s how we all should lead our lives with the courage to fight back then only one can survive. And also, your poem can be compared to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution wherein, the one who got up and accepted the changes and adversities was able to survive and rest had to stay behind. Very well written, Shantanu.

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