And She found hope…

The wind was blowing a tad stronger tonight. The tall shadows of trees visible a while before were now consumed by the darkness of the ghoulish night. Amanda increased her pace as she moved hastily to reach home. The intensity of the eerie was increasing by the minute and the whooshing sound rattled whatever sanity she had conjured thus far.

Form grayness it became pitch dark in a trice. Nothing was visible. She rubbed her eyes to get a view but all it did was increased the obscurity of the blur. Her phone was almost about to die and she dreaded to use it to illuminate the way, but she had no choice left. With reluctance, she put the phone light on. The narrow beam penetrated the darkness with a ray of hope.

Her steps were cautious but it also exhibited haste. And trapped in her convoluted bearings she missed seeing the ditch and fell with a hard thump. While her phone was a few feet away, her spirits were tossed many miles apart. She was broken and lost all hope of survival. The howling of wind had intensified so were some monstrous souls of the ghastly night.

Though fear loomed her existence the urgency was lost. She picked her wretched soul and stretched to reach her phone. The screen came to life and she saw the smiling face her mom hugging her tight. The round doe shaped eyes of her mom appeared intriguing in that lonely surround.  A surge of hope embraced her soul, for she was not lonely anymore

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