Dilapidated Barn

Saw the following on my way to Lansing today and got inspired.

A dilapidated barn
in some deserted town
holding memories from some past yore
now stand fragile, alone
without any soul in sight
and once crimson draped has turned gray
and I hope someday someone will visit
to find the tale from the yesteryears


26 thoughts on “Dilapidated Barn”

  1. I see lots of these old dilapidated barns along the highway going to the city each week. They seem to sag more as each week passes from the strong winds blowing at them. Great picture Shantanu !

  2. Beautifully written.I wrote a poem called ” Nothing” on my way to PA looking at exactly the same kind of dilapidated barn
    It’s posted ony blog.Do give it a read

  3. I’m going through the same process these days but for a younger grade.My son school is also till 5th and there are very limited school options in our area.

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