Live Your Dream

I concluded my first official travel of the year yesterday. It was a weeklong trip to the west coast. I landed after midnight and I was looking forward to getting some much-needed sleep. I called for a Lyft (ride share), and soon I was on my way to home sweet home.

I almost planned to doze off in the car but then I got engrossed in a conversation with Brad, my Lyft driver, and couldn’t get enough of what he told.

Brad is in his late twenties and is a free soul, living his life by his terms. He is a nature photographer and an avid lover of national parks. About two years back when he was out of his full-time job, an idea struck him to visit all the national parks in the mainland US. While he had the time and the grit, there was one issue, he didn’t have the money.

After some deliberations, he thought of a plan, travel across the United States in his car. So, he spent 17 months on road, traveling 48 states, covering 153,500 miles, and taking some breathtaking captures along the way.

Whenever his money depleted, he did ride share using Lyft( thanks to technology). Some cites were less crowded than others, so sometimes he stayed long in more populous cities and gave rides to raise the required funds.

He mostly slept in his car and remained a loner living his dream. I happened to check his website and Instagram account and was in complete awe. Please do check his website at

He is currently scouting for a full-time job in the photography field, and I am sure with such talent, he will be in immense demand.

Sitting in the comfort of my house, I wonder how many of us live an ostensible life, far away from what we desire, in the name of stability and superficial growth.

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30 thoughts on “Live Your Dream”

  1. This is so interesting to read and I loved his pictures too. Thanks for sharing with us, Shantanu. Blessed are the souls who discover and are lucky enough to realize and this.
    I have always talked to my Lyft/Uber drivers and some of the conversations are interesting.

  2. That is more than amazing that he came up with a way to develop himself into a life that follows his dream. His pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story.

  3. Oh my God! I could not believe my eyes when saw the pictures. They are definitely amazing!!
    And you bring the point very well, we do leave our dreams behind in living a ‘settled life’.

  4. Shantanu – I really enjoyed this post and Brad’s story. I especially liked your conclusion. How often do we sell our our dreams to make the rent. How often do we give up on the things that bring us joy, just to do what society thinks we should do? I have been thinking about these questions a lot lately. Your post just gave me some more to think about. -Jill

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