Blur Vision

Your heart feels a sudden pang
in the presence of my absence
and you look around in despair
trying to comprehend
what cause me to disappear again

You pause for a little more
with the hope of my return
but your eyes refusing to accept
the profound eerie and the weird stern

Now that you look back and think
he has not gone in a blink
you assume time will heal the gruff
his vacuum will soon sink in

But all your plan goes terribly wrong
your hopes are faux
and you continue to live in a world
where you donโ€™t belong

You exist in a denial state
while you may disagree
but if you look deep in your soul
and peel the layer of skepticism
from your visionโ€™s scroll
you will find me there
like a long pause
raring for your touch
to resume our love
without any pretension or clause

Copyright ยฉ Shantanu Baruah

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