Every time I meet you, I meet you for the first time. Every time you have a new hue, exude desirousness and trace of abstruseness. And every time I am left with the desire to know you more than all the previous time.  You are an alluring dream, a hazy occult, an impulse that is enigmatic and arduous to behold.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


19 thoughts on “Occult”

  1. This is gorgeous, Shantanu. Such a lovely representation of the bond that love forms between two people who care enough about each other to seek out the ever-changing elements of each other to sustain and grow their love. Exceptional.

  2. When you are in love, the beauty and the bliss unfolds with every meeting. Beautifully said and the words are coming straight from your heart.Loved it, Shantanu.

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