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And she spoke with that velvety soft whisper,
One syllable at a time,
like a gentle drizzle of some nature’s caper.

And the whir drifted,
Like some pre dawn dews,
rolling off leisurely leaving behind clues.

She enthused serenity,
but I remained in complete chaos.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Somewhere Else

He confined her within the four walls,
And assumed he had clamped her down,
he touted claiming her,
but her nomad heart
could never be traced down.

For she was meant for the skies,
and for the moon,
and every place
where a wanderer could be

Her physical self was caged,
but her soul
still reposing,
liberated and free

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

I Will Quit

All untoward perturbation,
cloud my thoughts,
Annoying every moment,
and asking me to stop.

Let this be my last drag,
The final long puff,
Let me enjoy this last one,
And I promise this will be my last heard gruff.

I light the cigarette,
And inhale the fumes,
Oh! It feels heavenly,
I have to resume.

Then I look at the pack,
It is still half full,
Tempting me to continue,
And forcing me to slack.

I detest the vapor,
Yet I squirm for its taste,
How can I quit?
I am your slave.

I convince myself,
This to be the last fight,
After this pack,
I will give it for life.

Few days reluctantly somehow passes by,
My fear not to recede troubles me like a sly,
I conceal the fears in my deceiving smile,
And carry the burden not to fail this time.

Days pass by,
So does the fear,
But urge to have a cigarette,
Bring me to tears.

And then I saw my friend,
Smoking at the corner of the pub,
One puff won’t harm me,
And whiff goes my curb.

Before I realize,
I am in addiction again,
Off goes my plan,
Roasting in a pan.

I have conquered many fears,
I have resurrected from many qualms,
Why this time I fail miserably,
It is hard to recount.

Frustration mounts me,
Tears rolls in that trice,
I want to get this right this time,
I want to leave this tonight.

For there will be no last puff,
No half filled packet to scorn,
No smoker can deceive me,
Nothing shall hold me down.

I have my will,
And I have my faith,
I have that promise,
And I will make this storm abate.

Dedicated to all those who want to quit


Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

The Untold Stories

My dear fellow Bloggers and my site followers/readers. Thanks for all the love you have shown to my site. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all the lovely likes and comments. My journey towards writing started when I was in my early teens and I first started writing in Hindi. And  Now I write both in English and Hindi.

I have been thinking about posting my Hindi writings for a while, but I am hesitant as this site is dedicated to a global audience.  But then I thought how about attempting translating my Hindi verses to English. This is my first attempt towards it. Leave your thoughts in the comment box and let me know what you think.

छलकती है तैरे आँखों से यूँ मेरे ऊलफत का फसाना,
दै जाती है मैरे ज़िंदगी को एक जीने का बहाना,
दिल की बात जो जूंबा पे आके शर्मा जाती हे,
बना जाती है मूझ पागल को थोड़ा और दिवाना

– शान्तनु बरुआ

The stories of our ardor flowing from the brim of your eyes,
Gives my tarnish life some meaning to survive,
The heart’s yearning that shies away from your labium,
Make the deprive soul to go on a neverending overdrive.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


With great resistance,
I opened the time forgotten chest,
Rusted and worn out,
The old box held memories firmly in its nest.

It appeared from a different age,
Discolored notes,
Broken memoirs,
As if set for a different stage.

I was reluctant to stir those pensive times,
The suppressed bereavement,
Hesitant to defrost the old rime.

My curiosity still led me to ruffle the treasures,
My anxieties were so muddled it was hard to measure,
Off went the lid,
And the long-held creed,
The pulsating heart,
Emotions hard to impede.

Then I saw the shades of some impish smile,
The guffaws and the ingenious guile.

The memories came gushing,
Like an endless deluge,
The sudden paroxysms,
reminiscence fresh and crude.

I stood there holding to abandoned dreams,
The nostalgic moments,
The bygone scenes,
every oppressed desire,
Surged back so strong,
I surrendered to the moment,
And that’s where I belonged.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


All my will to detest your view,
My promise to disregard every shade of your hue,
The strenuous look I scorn all this while,
The drawn countenance and the pensive smile,
Every stance I compel my heart to swear by,
Somehow I convince my mind you are a lie.

But all thoughts wrestles down to a painful defeat,
When I see you sauntering down that street.

Even your gentle whisper,
Makes me drop all my guards,
Leaving me awestruck,
Dissolving all spars.

Though I know it is a deceitful smile,
Yet I ignore every impeding rile.

And I stand there spellbound,
Unsure what to do,
Entwine in your quagmire,
Burning in my self instilled rue.