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Unattainable desires

As I was reading her mind a wicked smile crossed my lips. Despite the constraints, the wilderness, and the unfathomable possibilities my heart said, “you fit well in the scheme of my dreams.”

There were no words to bridge the vacuum, not an iota of distraction, but an unspoken imagination silently taking the shape of reality. The eerie strangely was a welcome change from the otherwise chaotic cacophony web of worldly distractions.

Then she stood up breaking the wielded dichotomy dissolving in the morning mist leaving her shadow behind for a mystery to be resolved.

I leaped in bewilderment with a hope to get her sight, one clue to comfort my anxiety. But an untold story is what I was left with. And I stood there restless – she was nowhere to be seen but her fragrance was still lingering long past her departure.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah