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You Rattle My Thoughts

The belief you have for me in your eyes rattles every vacillation I have stashed in my heart all this while.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

The Garish Outfit

The garish outfit was dangerously flirting at the brim of being called outlandish,
The long beard he donned was appearing strangely bizarre,
The bright fedora had curiosity written on it,
And the valise in his hand had the sparkle of some shining star.

He cruised along,
Ignoring every laughing soul,
That giggled and squabbled,
As he crossed them,
With an radiant beguile.

He had no time to,
Stop and wait,
For he was on a mission,
And everything but his purpose,
Was a just a mere distraction.

What the people said,
Or what the world would do,
Was not his interest,
And with confidence in his strides,
And eyes on his goal,
He marched ahead,
Nurturing his beliefs,
And swelling with pride.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


Drifting slowly with dragging steps her confused being was wandering along the shorelines.

The breeze was blowing cold air bringing his fragrance from a faraway place not providing any respite to her soul. A seagull was hovering over making some uncanny noise appearing as if it has a story to tell. Right above the bird, a dark patch of cloud was looming, swallowing the evening from the earth’s exquisite hold.

Nature’s melancholy was adding to the juxtaposition of her mind blatantly. She was a sight of joy for a moment and a lost self in another one. A constant battle was aggressively building up in her inner being trying to comprehend the huge undertaking she had taken some moments ago.

Did not she want it all this while? And now when she had, why was she facing such despair moments. Her mind was crowded with rational thoughts but her heart was yearning for the newfound love. Love that she had realized for the first time, love that was sweeping her off her feet.

And in the midst of her brooding, she started reasoning with her to find measures to calm her restless fervor. She wanted answers but were nowhere to find. Was the confusion about breaking away from the time old superficial shield or was it about freeing her soul from human constraints? Was the fear of losing her anomalous happiness making her nervous? or was the possibility of an ardent tomorrow she was finding hard to handle?

Stuck in the conundrum she couldn’t find any respite despite being near the peaceful shorelines.  She found even the crashing of the waves or the seagull’s occasional creek as untoward disturbance, drifting her away from her battling thoughts.

Then she looked up and saw that the strong westerly winds slowly drifting the clouds away, giving a path to the evening sun. The spread of some colorful hue was splendidly painting across the vast canvas. The cloud had to give away to the serenity of belief, to the epitome of truth.

And suddenly magic happened, the Seagull, the waves, the breeze appeared to be in some perfect harmony like in some heavenly abode.

She smiled and her worries started to fade away. She knew a new world was beaconing her. The fragrance of her vibrant love lingered everywhere around and she couldn’t move away from the strong tremors of love. It was a sweet pain and she longed for him more than words could comprehend.

The path in front was not easy but she remembered what they agreed before “we will walk the path together with the committed soul.”

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Be You

Not everyone will agree,
With your thoughts,
The words you used liberally like daubs.
Some may even write it off,

Sometimes you may find the masses,
Not confirming to what you say,
The world may snatch away,
Your hopes drawing on you a curtain of gray.

The externalities might,
Alter your belief,
The peer coercion,
May put you in grief.

While ignoring voices,
Is not always a possible way out,
Avoiding the noise from settling within you,
Is the choice you should opt when in doubt.

Use your smile as a shield,
And face the world,
You will be surprised,
How your confidence,
Will put your critics,
In some haphazard swirl.

No one but you,
Can decide what you should do,
So avoid getting capitulate,
And do what is true to you.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

The Regatta Race

The sails were adjusted,
The rudders were checked,
The yachts were cleaned,
The mast was steered.

The rowers lined up,
Their faces laced with grins,
Dressed in colorful spandex,
The race was about to begin.

And then the horn was blown,
The boats sailed in seam,
The scullers went ahead with pace,
Consonance of oars were at extreme.

Such was the elegance,
The regatta race brought,
Spectators came in abundance,
In stripped blazers, dresses and polka shorts.

The race taught me a great deal,
Many lessons I had accrue,
Discipline, grace and grit to win,
Are just to mention a few.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Torpedoed Words

The world would torpedo their words towards you. Sometimes for pun and in other occasion to shred you down. But the good news is, it is on us how we take those pronouncements. We can either let it pierce our heart or may chose to put a “No Thank You” shield. It is all on our mind – we can either let someone’s else’s ill spoken verse perish us or face it with a smile.

No one but you have control of the choices you make. So make your choice count.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah