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Enjoy The Thing Called Life

Often, I have seen people flounder when the plan they have nurtured for life fails. Make a plan to organize your life not to fluster your mind. After all, there will be no fun if life executes to a textbook plan.
Follow your heart,
organize your mind,
count your blessings,
rejoices your wins,
embrace your defeats,
and enjoy the thing called life.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


You Can’t Be a Distraction

The world declares you as a distraction
a chaotic nightmare
a mirage, some pseudo-reflection
but for me, you are a desire
a serene feeling
a reason to smile

I sleep every night
with a wish to have you in my dreams
and wake up every morning
with eyes laced with your gleam

The goals,
the aspirations,
the hopes
and my schemes
all have your flair as flame
all always beacons your name

When you give such purpose to my life
how can you be a trap, a mere quagmire

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah