Love it is

Love is a complex phenomenon that often disguises under some pretentious layers of mere attraction, situational comfort, or raging lust. 

Time does the litmus test for us, both when we get what we desire or when we’re deprived of it. 

If we get our love and if the verve fades after some time, we soon realize we never truly loved. But if the zeal doesn’t disappear even after spending years of togetherness then my friend, it is true love. So, treasure it for a lifetime. 

In case love abstains us, and the fondness we kindle thus far transpose to hatred, disgust, or into taking avenge, then we never truly loved the person. But if love survives beyond the separation pain and the only thing, we wish is the other person’s happiness, then we have found true love. 

Love is never a decree, it is above all transient desires, and if we are in true love even upon separation we will remain in ethereal bliss, for the pain will be too trivial in front of the never-ending love. 

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