Peer Pressure – Is it Worth Taking?

Here is a post on Medium hope you like it –Peer Pressure – Is it Worth Taking


12 thoughts on “Peer Pressure – Is it Worth Taking?”

  1. Wine is healthy.

    Just kidding, or not. I like, always have, but if you don’t, I don’t see why you would feel obliged. I have Muslim friends. Their religion forbids them and I respect that.
    I say, whatever makes you feel good, for your own sake, not for to please others.

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    1. Wine is absolutely healthy. Agreed. In fact anything in moderation is good. Drinking is just an example I took. I think the point is how for peer pressure we sacrifices our principles. Thank you so much for your beautiful read and words

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  2. Wow! Really loved this!! I’ve been a T-totaller my whole life too and have never felt the pressure to drink. Learned early in life the health risks and social behavior issues. I guess a bit of a strong independent streak too! Ha! I always volunteer that I am the designated driver.
    Loved the truth and message in your post, Shantanu!!!

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  3. Peer pressure, is a serious issue for many. I’ve never been one, to be swayed by anyone’s pressure, to anything but myself! Alcohol, cigarettes, swearing; I’ve never done any of it my whole life, not something I’ve ever subscribed to! Stay blessed!

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