12 thoughts on “Peer Pressure – Is it Worth Taking?”

  1. Wine is healthy.

    Just kidding, or not. I like, always have, but if you don’t, I don’t see why you would feel obliged. I have Muslim friends. Their religion forbids them and I respect that.
    I say, whatever makes you feel good, for your own sake, not for to please others.

  2. Wine is absolutely healthy. Agreed. In fact anything in moderation is good. Drinking is just an example I took. I think the point is how for peer pressure we sacrifices our principles. Thank you so much for your beautiful read and words

  3. Wow! Really loved this!! I’ve been a T-totaller my whole life too and have never felt the pressure to drink. Learned early in life the health risks and social behavior issues. I guess a bit of a strong independent streak too! Ha! I always volunteer that I am the designated driver.
    Loved the truth and message in your post, Shantanu!!!

  4. Peer pressure, is a serious issue for many. I’ve never been one, to be swayed by anyone’s pressure, to anything but myself! Alcohol, cigarettes, swearing; I’ve never done any of it my whole life, not something I’ve ever subscribed to! Stay blessed!

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