14 thoughts on “What has not started Yet?”

  1. Coincidentally every point was quite relatable, today only,I came across C/2020F3, NEOWISE- a comet discovered by NASA.

    Second, I am thrilled to know about the new psychological study of the human brain using such devices. I guess electrodes are the only device which can be used for eeg and polygraph etc I wonder how can they exactly read the complex mind, I absolutely agree with the last line written by you.

    Fortunately, this universe is the creation of God so we can be advanced in every field but not in the matter of immortalization 

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  2. Very fascinating points.In some areas some startling discovery has happened in the recent years.Though they gave not quite got the complete understanding of the concept but a step in the right direction is the impetus we all need.
    Have you heard about the experiment in one of the poles about the existence of parallel universe by the scientist.
    That was a fascinating read.

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