iPhone Application Tutorial – Video 8

Tutorial Video 8  is up on my channel.

As you are aware, I launched a playlist on my YouTube channel where I post a series of videos teaching “How to Code” in a fun way. The first series is about creating a Book Tracker iPhone App using the Xcode platform. The tutorial is for both beginners and intermediate developers. I hope you find it useful.

iPhone App Creation Tutorial using the Xcode platform – In this video, you can learn about

  • Setting Object Constraints through coding
  • Using one Table View to display two different arrays
  • Table Reload functions
  • Shifting values between arrays
  • Table Did select method to conditionally do functions based on its contextual even settings

This tutorial can be used by Beginners or intermediate developers. Happy coding

In case you are not interested in coding, please pass it down to a friend, relative, or someone you know who can benefit from it. If you like what you see, please don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment.

Thank you for your support and happy learning

you can see the. playlist with videos of the tutorial by clicking on the link below

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