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What is life without dreams

Without defined goals, a stated plan, and a desirous dream – life will be fatuous making us wander like a listless soul

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32 thoughts on “What is life without dreams”

          1. Don’t get me wrong. I am not questioning your premises. It’s just an observation that societal expectations and definitions of goals may not suit many people who are just fine with their lives as it is. To a society married to the idea of measuring success with accumulation of material wealth, these people may look like wanderers while actually they may be the happiest people on earth.

            In the name of chasing dreams, we do not need more people like the one who is hell bent on tearing the fabric of American society just to get reelceted.

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              1. I definitely has no dispute with that. My issue was with the description of “wanderer”. A Naga sanyasis purpose in life may make him look like a wanderer to one whose goal in life is to make billions of dollars.

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