Travel to Richmond

The fun and pain of air travel. It was drizzling the entire day. Kind of rain I like, for the mist that surrounds often during a drizzle, reminds of good times in the yonder.

It was a busy day. Dropping kids to school, heading to the gym, series of meetings, take care of a few household chores and travel to Richmond. My flight was not until 6:15 in the evening. I reached the airport around 4:30.

Something was bothering me for a while but I wasn’t sure. And then I recalled I forgot to pack my dress socks. It took me some time to found a store but luckily I remembered about the missing socks before finding it out in the morning.

I had about 50 minutes before boarding and I thought of using the lounge. And as I was about to head out to the gate, the infamous flight delay text came. I was earlier planning to have dinner at Richmond, but with the delay, I decided otherwise. While eating I got another text indicating further delay. The flight was now over two hours delayed, the reason given was weather. And I thought it to be a harmless drizzle 😊

The announcement was made to board the plane. The distance to Richmond is about an hour by plane. It is at that juncture where you don’t know if driving is a better option than hopping on a plane. With such thoughts I boarded the bus that was taking us to to the plane, and right on the bus got another update on further delays. Worse, we were cramped on the bus for over 30 minutes.

Right now I am sitting on the plane, waiting for the plane to start the engine. We are over three hours delayed. The doors just got closed and hopefully I would be leaving soon

How was your day?

PS. the image is the raindrops on my flight window.

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16 thoughts on “Travel to Richmond”

  1. Hi,

    I like reading about your travels because I never fly. Today I went to a hotel for a meeting. They were filming a reality TV show. After that I went to Japanese class. My concentration was good. I’m having some good insights about Buddhism and yoga which I might blog about.

  2. Hope you got off the ground without much more delay.
    Weather delays are the worst thing about being a flight attendant, because sometimes a passenger or two will be terribly upset. The airlines try to get passengers on the planes so as soon as the weather breaks, the planes can take off. But not too soon. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not always cooperative. 🙂 The longest flight delay i ever had was 4 hours. The FAA really frowns on flight delays.

  3. Will never go to east coast in winter. 2009 and 2010 – two consecutive years delayed more than 48 hours. 2010 slept in JFK terminal for 30 + hours before flying out to SFO.

  4. Hi Shantanu. I’m blogging a little about mental health. I’m on a train on the way back from London. Wishing life could be like a Chekhov play (without the suicide bits). Life is a strange medley.

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