My Story, Fifty Dollar Bill Published in Indian Periodical

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Friends hope you all are having an amazing weekend. Maybe you didn’t know, here is a small trivia about me. I love writing fiction. Stories of all kind – flash fiction, short stories, proses, novella, anything that can make my mind run wild😀. Some of you may know I wrote one full-length book( currently in the last stage of editing) and writing my second book in parallel😀. On WP I have not published any of my stories, maybe some proses but not stories. Mostly because I was saving them for the publications😜.

Today, I am happy to let you know that one of my stories got published in Indian Periodical. It is a work of fiction but inspired by an incident that happened in real life. You can find the link below. Please read and let me know what you think. It will be great if you can leave your…

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9 thoughts on “My Story, Fifty Dollar Bill Published in Indian Periodical”

  1. Congratulations Blessings To You! How exciting and well deserved. This is a great story. The three boys seem quite adventurous. The longing to visit grandma by any means necessary, as they plead with their Mother to drive by herself, promising to be the best passengers ever is definitely a reality.


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