Shaurya’s 13th Birthday

Shaurya turned 13 today. Can’t believe how time flies, from a little baby in our hands to almost as tall as me.  We cannot thank God enough for showering us with such a precious gift. He is kind, obedient, sincere and loving. He never throws teen tantrums and still embrace us like he used to do when he was a kid. On his birthday, I wrote 13 life quotes for him. Sharing it below for your read. Happy birthday Shaurya – be the light  

  1. It doesn’t matter how dark the clouds are, how strenuous the paths are, how impossible the outlook is, never lose hope, for hope instill courage. 
  2. In life you will take many paths, some will take to places far away from us, no matter which path you take or which way you go, always keep the path to home next to your heart
  3. No matter what situation you are in, no matter how low you feel, always be kind. 
  4. Never think of doing ill to others, even when they are mean to you. Always walk in the righteous path and let karma do the rest
  5. Never settle for ordinary, thrive for the best, remember mediocrity will leads only to oblivion. 
  6. Even when you know you are losing a battle never cheat. The burden of fraudulent behavior haunts forever and is not worth for some transient win.  
  7. Wear your confidence up your sleeves, never let anyone’s word deter your core beliefs 
  8. Losing is good, remember you will not win all battles in life, but never lose the lessons
  9. Never procrastinate, great plans falter because of postponing things 
  10. When an idea strikes or a good thought brushes your mind, write it down. Memory fades in a whiff 
  11. Always have goals, short term, midterm, long term – and work towards it with a relentless mind
  12. Remember not everything will work the way you planned. Don’t lose your heart. There is always a new day 
  13. Never be ashamed of your roots, the place you have come from. Proudly wear it like a badge

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63 thoughts on “Shaurya’s 13th Birthday”

  1. Such a heartfelt present from a father to son. Nothing can be better than this. Each parent should instill such goodness in their kids. May Lord guide Shaurya towards the righteous path. Āmīn

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  2. Happy Birthday Shaurya. I know that God will direct your path in life so be happy and chose the one that is right for you. Those are great 13 ideas about life Shantanu. A very proud and happy Father today !

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  3. A very Happy Birthday 🎂 🎉 to Shaurya. All 13 quotes are amazing. I often do the mistake what you mentioned in point no. 10. While shopping or before sleeping, good ideas come and I don’t write, next when I go to write, I forget. 😃 😃😃

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  4. happy birthday Shaurya bhai….. woww all 13 quotes are amazing.

    beautiful family …stayy blessed…and Enjoy the dday…party hard 🙂

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