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I am traveling today for another day trip to LA. On my way to the airport I met this interesting man Richard. Rich, as he liked him to be addressed, drives Lyft ride share as a part-time hobby. Upon my chit-chat with him, I learned a few interesting things. The writer in me thought it might very well qualify for a travelogue πŸ˜„

He was in his late sixties. His charming personality made those wrinkles on his face appear insignificant. He loved to talk and was very friendly. Upon my enquiring, I found his main business was real estate. He had 3 properties by the shorelines, which he rent out to vacation seekers through the year. Some of the best beaches I have seen are by the jersey shorelines( a post for a later time πŸ–πŸ˜Š). if you love the weather channel β›ˆπŸŒŠ or were in the northeastern US in…

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