Whimsical – A Flash Fiction

She was a mystery, no one knew where she came from. She hardly spoke and often used her alluring smile to respond. Her gothic looks were not helping either, for everyone wanted to accost her. And her reserved stature only made her more desirable. The men tried everything, cajoling, coaxing, telling tall tales, wearing the best attire, but she didn’t pay any hood and kept locked her mystic demeanor in her well-knitted cocoon.

Years passed on. Few lost interests, few new ones added to her admirer list and some surged back when they saw her gorgeous sight. But nothing changed, she was as mysterious as before.

And then he appeared with his 5’o clock shadow and carefree eyes. His puckish wit and sensuous talks peeled her inhabitation one layer at a time. Then one day she breached her self imposed limit. She looked into his eyes and with a soft harmonious tone enquired his name. But the tables had turned this time, he gently smiled and assumed silence, for now, it was his turn. A vengeance from some past yonder resurfaced at that momentary trice.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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46 thoughts on “Whimsical – A Flash Fiction”

  1. See …being too beautiful is aslo dangerous….u habe several options. Sometimes u miss the realones….!! Anyway… I enjoyed it! ❤️☺️

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