Adventure in New Orleans

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I always wondered whether the “Big Easy” nickname of New Orleans was a cliche. I could easily comprehend the never-ending party scene to exist during the Mardi Gras time, but during the month of June, I thought it would be a little over exploited tourist platitude. But I was proved wrong.

I landed in New Orleans for an offsite meet on the 19th Jun mid-afternoon. I was the first one to arrive and thought of using the quiet afternoon to catch up with the story I was writing for a while. The French quarter style hotel was gorgeous and the weather was pleasant, giving the mind enough fuel to take my story forward. It was around 7:00 PM when I got the call from one of my colleague and we decided to explore the city.

The town was one of the oldest in the United States. 2018 incidentally was the…

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22 thoughts on “Adventure in New Orleans”

  1. This was an absolutely great adventure, quite humorous too. New Orleans has so much History. The photographs brought back lots of memories. You walking down Bourbon Street painted such vivid images. Thanks for sharing.

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