Your Memories

Confab With Me

Your memories are engrained on my soul,
layer on layer,
like writings casted on stone

And no matter where I go,
or what I do,
from time to time
your reminiscence crosses my mind,
making my senses go blurry
and my vision go blind,
as I think all those little things,
and those precious unforgettable signs
that you have unknowingly left behind

Like when you used to look away,
pretending to be furious,
yet watching me from
the corner of your eyes

Or when you refused to speak,
no matter how much I coaxed
but give away
when I announce
I have something interesting to say

The sound of your anklet
the coil of your tresses
your silent humming of our favorite song
you standing against anything wrong

All those memories
I have treasured deep inside my heart
locked in a treasure box
sealed in…

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26 thoughts on “Your Memories”

  1. Yaadon ka khajaana duniya ke tamaam khajaano se upar hai……….jab marji usse kisi yaadon ko nikaal hans lete hain kabhi ro lete hain……..wo kabhi hamen akelaa nahi rahne deta………ho sakta paise kam ho jaaye…….shohrat kam ho jaaye magar yaade kabhi khatm nahi hoti……..ese koyee chor bhi chori nahi kar sakta……….

    aap jaa sakte ho hamen chhodkar
    aap bhul bhi sakte ho
    aapki yaaden jo mere paas hai
    use kaise le jaa sakte ho……

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