Blazing Away

Confab With Me

I presumed,
I rule the universe,
Displaying nonchalant charisma,
Not trapped in some relics devout.

And I sailed,
With wings spread,
Beyond the oceans,
Over the horizon,
Conquering the tempest unfazed.

And that thought,
Was golden,
Like the glitter of burning novas,
Over the lit skies in the darkest of nights.

The faith is all I had,
Beyond the imposing constraints,
And I went blazing past,
Dissolving the impossible that the world said.

Copyright ยฉ Shantanu Baruah

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16 thoughts on “Blazing Away”

  1. โ€œNot trapped in some relucs devoutโ€. Oh what truth us contained within thise few words.mmyes, faith is DAR more than that. Out of all your poems I live this the best

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