Why is this Important?

What is this longing?
there ain’t any love,
no vows are taken,
no promises to fulfill
yet there is a yearning
an unsaid attraction
a defiant bond
should I give it a name and spoil it?
or call it an ostensible existence
of two innate souls
should we drag expectations into this bonding?
and draw curtains to carefree blithe?

Why is this important?
why societal norms bind us to give
every relationship a pretentious frame
Why can’t we love someone without the decree, bonding, and shame?

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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53 thoughts on “Why is this Important?”

  1. I totally relate to this..i also have same questions but couldn’t find the answers..why it is important to give a name to any relationship..when there is love wht else we required..there could be a beautiful relationship without any name🙇‍♀️

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  2. Fierce!🌼 Why Love has to be on paper to be true? Why it is so important to give name and status to love? Love is complete in its own sense and even then we call it incomplete and try to imprison it into societal norms.😐
    A beautifully written piece asking questions that need to be answered

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  3. Amazingly written and very well said. Societal norms, social acceptance etc.etc. have caged our minds for so long that our mind can dream for only what’s possible in the walls of the cage. It resists to look what’s beyond that.
    It high time now, this should be changed. Love has no bounds and no one can tell us whom to love and whom not to. Let’s set our minds free from such vague norms.

    So wonderfully penned and very insightful! 😊

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  4. I love this Shontanu. The question is valid. Yes, and when relationships are valudated in that way, it does not mean they last a yway. It does not make them binding

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  5. A powerful writer is born when he/she starts to raise voice against the existing fiendish condition of the society…and happy that your writings are on that way..
    Nicely written 👌

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