The Old Fedora

Confab With Me

The old fedora was lying,
desolated in his grandma’s place,
He looked at it with interest,
And was determined to locate,
its time forgotten trace.

Shaving the layers of dust,
from the hats pore,
He tried recalling,
where he had seen it before.

He had a faint remembrance,
of grandpa pulling it to his face,
While he was busy,
playing some game of skate.

He opened the family album,
to confirm his thought,
And he flipped through pictures.
and some old mug shots.

Then between some,
translucent paper sheets,
He found the fedora,
that grandpa wore,
in the picture in the backdrop of a street.

Fond memories came rushing by,
And he became nostalgic,
thinking how time flies.

He put the fedora on,
like his grandpa wore,
Rekindling old memories,
and some…

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