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350 Miles Roundtrip

I love driving. Exploring new places, enjoying the landscapes and the sheer adrenaline rush I relish when I escape from the routine. While I love driving, driving in the rain is what I detest the most.

Today I made a day trip to Harrisburg. The land of Hershey’s chocolates and neighboring town to historic Gettysburg and Lancaster( a small tidbit about Lancaster. Lancaster is the house to Amish people, who live as if the time has frozen in the 1700s. No electricity, no modern technology, no access to healthcare. They are self-sufficient, weave their own cloths, grow their own food and are a closely knitted group. The best part, they are exempted from paying any taxes)

It was a 350 miles ride and guess what, it was raining all through. But surprisingly, I enjoyed the rain. And it made me think, one can’t hate something for long, provided it is relentless in its pursuit.

Here is a capture of the road somewhere near the border of Pennsylvania and NJ, the photo was taken while I was driving.

How was your day?

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